Over Come

Five years ago roughly I heard about my sister-inlaw ectopic pregnancy and the lost of their first child but good news* her and my brother are having a baby girl!
My job- August 2020 I started a new job in a supervisory role due to covid then went on to cover maternity leave for a member of staff as a teaching assistant. That member of staff came back to work so I was a little concern. Good news again, I resumed my supervisory role with the addition of being back in the classroom while that member of staff expresses her milk somewhere else. Okay it is for a short time each day but every little helps! Look at how God answers prayer.
My reason for typing this out is to encourage myself in a time of need. My eldest coming to the end of year ten with exams for his GCSE’s next year, his current year report 10 is not looking good presently but like with everything else I am going to trust God to see him through in Christ Jesus.

By Kerri-Ann