Who Am I

A statement was made. Why don’t I sound British! I was taken a back in that moment for a couple reasons, one no one has ever said this to me before and two I am British and proud of my early years living in Jamaica. 

Presently working on a short story as part of a writer’s group with the group’s aim of publishing a book. Already I was given what I believe to be another story plot which ties into being British Jamaican which I would like to do an insert of this plot title Accepting

Continuing how does God see this. I am a born-again Christian and given how 2020 went regarding race and how I look, I believe I have something to say too.

Without speaking one cannot tell where my origin is from so there are assumptions for example am I from Brazil, Ethiopia, South Africa etc; I smile at this. Few Years ago, I kind of struggled to say part of my identity due to stereotypical view of my Jamaican-ness, including some assumptions.

A snippet of Jamaica’s’ diversity given that three-quarters of Jamaican’s skin colour and or features do look West African, there is a mix due to the slave trade also. Now this has been used to judge, criticise and or for an advantage point as well; but the reason, I started here is again because of how I look.

Let us go back to the statement that was made at the beginning. It is interesting how little children straight away pick up on both the British and Jamaican accent. No wonder the bible tells us to come to Jesus with childlike Faith because it is innocent; secondly someone who has been expose to both accents can also figure this out.

A snippet of British history although what I am about to say is not hidden and is also known but is not highlighted. Britain along with other European Nations had Colonised most of the earth population so from Hong Kong to the Americans. Back to the statement that was made why don’t I sound British well what does Britishness sounds like? Do not get me wrong, it is not necessarily a bad thing to have some sort of idea to call your own, but it is when it can be used to ill-treat and or used to exclude someone, that is when it becomes wrong. 

I know the person who made the statement did not mean anything by it. However, I am a child of God and so it is good to educate where I can.

To give a better understanding of what I have already touched on, I could go into my physical appearance and where I have lived which leads to topics such as Society, Prejudice and Discrimination. Let me say first there is good and bad in every society however I have faced a degree of some prejudice, boarder line racism (but what does His Word, say about all of this). 

Firstly, He loves each one to us. Secondly, He celebrates certain aspects of our Culture for example When Paul talks about being half Jew and half Roman (Gentile); but when this gets in the way of us living in harmony and peace then it becomes a problem. I will give an example Peter (Jew) ministered to Cornelius & his household (Gentiles) they were saved, Firstly Peter went back to Jerusalem and reported the events. As the church expanded the Gentiles went down to Jerusalem and the Jew were pointing a finger at them judging and saying things. Later on, Peter in his humanness went along with his fellow Jewish friends so Paul spoke up for the Gentiles regarding being prejudice.  

By Kerri-Ann