Thinking Right

Choosing to type for less distraction. While talking to my mother on the phone two images I had a while back came to me. One was a viewing of my Lord after His body was taken down from the cross. He laid on the ground almost unrecognisable with the crown of thorns, blood that flowed from the crown of His head. The second image was of His face (resurrected), that had a traditional Middle Eastern look not the European image we often see. What got my attention was His warm, wide, gentle smile nonthreatening.

The above brings me to the writer Toni Morrison who is well known but new to me through a documentary program, one of her books is called Bluest Eye. I found this interesting after reading few Books of the Bible whereby Peter and Paul dealt with prejudices, segregation, religious practices (religion), Politics and general sin. There is no separation especially for those who recognised what Christ has done for us, receives Him, are seen the same way God sees the Israelites; Paul talks about this especially in the Book of Romans and that we are to love another.

As the conversation went on, my mother mentioned how it dawned on her, that in her prayer regarding the trinity how she would refer to the Father or say God then Jesus name but never really referring to as in talking with His Son Jesus. This brought to my mind a more recent dream where I saw two image one was the Son the other was the Father. The bible tells me in the book of Romans, Jesus is at the right hand of the Father and He makes intercession for us. In addition, Jesus said to His disciples when He was on earth, when you see me you see the Father. Back to the dream, in the dream the Son seemed disappointed. I do not know how, what I am about to say I can explain it, The Father seemed not to be disappointed but had to be because the Son was; now when my mother explained what had dawned on her, it explained the above dream I had, that made sense. 

By Kerri-Ann