A Piece

Words are powerful and I know what I want to say but where do I start? Life has twists just as in road trips with it’s curves. This suggests it’s complex but does it have to be so complex or can it be made much easier. This life is based upon the map in our minds and how it is read. Who else can retrieve the information to navigate, is it not us, so we can go a head in our journeys!

Being an observer seeing and hearing the events that surround me, I can hear a different voice saying the same words as mine, the words are familiar not everything is black and white. To extend upon these words every man should be content with his or her conclusion or conviction without malice or envy.

There is a great book but no one seems to want to read it which is filled with everyday you and I’s. There is matey (having another woman on the side), murder, betrayals, pointing of fingers, accusers, politricks (politics), religion and more. This great book has solutions too. Everyone seems to talk about Shakespeare and others but where is this book in the midst of all of this, I ask where?

By Kerri-Ann