Peace like a river. We must get to that place of peace within us. My husband and I have been married since 2002. When we first dated, he passed a remark which went something like this “I think you have an inferiority complex”. Hmm it was a little hard to admit but when i took a close look at myself I could not deny it. Why not? I knew I had my own struggles with studies for example with dyslexia. My point is for some it is other things for example how they may think they appear; and maybe there is a valued reason for their perception i.e history, like in my case. There comes a time when we have to recognised what may seem like a flaw. Decide what we can do with it. I am a strong believer that time heals and so I recognised and improve with my faith in Christ Jesus, him being at the centre of it all.This piece came about because of alot of the challenges we faced from 2019 to 2020. Plus towards the end of my week it was a bit challenging but went okay.

By Kerri-Ann