“You were bought with a price; do not become slaves of men.” 1 Corinthians 7:23 

A vote cast. A decision made. The populace speaks.  The next president is selected in this zero-sum game of politics.  Game, set, match yet none the wiser.  Another marker in history as we usher towards unlocking other keystones in these end times.  We hearken towards another year with ringing ears of what’s to come.  Will it offer inner peace or inner storms?  And if peace of mind is the currency of the future, how do you fare?  

It’s about valuewhat we value now and into the future.  We will be quantifying and accounting for values we did not or could not before.  Ways of thinking, feeling, and being.

The nation’s inhabitants are its source of wealth. We trade in goods and services and the peculiarities of currency.  But how do we value wealth individually, and how do we acquire value?

We are born with value. We acquire value in our very being.  Value is inherent in our existence. Our intrinsic value is what’s left when all else fails. And an abundance of strength of character is our wealth that brings trust, empathy, and connection with one another– which offers valuable exchanges.