Who is Jesus

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Heart of the Matter

Song: You are awesome in this place might God.

God is in the small things too. I woke up this morning wanting some encouragement and received two messages. One was an Easter message and the other message was with a hug. Again I received this message, meaning twice in the same morning.

I remember the Lord had done this before, I felt a little down, though no one knew and I didn’t say anything to anyone. The next thing I knew some one invited me to have coffee with them.

Thought for today is who is Jesus, a continuation of previous broadcast. According to Mark 1, it’s first reference regarding Jesus is, as the Son of God; capital (S)!

Jesus is acknowledge in verse 11 “A voice from heaven say, Thou art my beloved son, in who I am well pleased.

Then the scripture goes on to talk about His ministry, He healed many that were sick of divers diseases, and cast out many devils in verse 34.

Verses 39 through to 41 goes on to more healing and in verse 41 “And Jesus, moved with compassion, put forth his hand, and touch him, and said unto him. I (Jesus) will; be thou clean”. 

In verses 42) said the man was healed and in verse 43) He (Jesus) straitly charge him, and forthwith sent him away ….44) and see thou say nothing.

There are other references to Jesus such as King, Ho-san-na, Lord, Saviour and Messiah (the lady at the well made reference to) etc.

As time goes by I may continue to share on each of these references.

By Kerri-Ann