R- Self respect

E- The letter E in peace

S- Silence when needs be

I- I in dignity 

L- Love of Christ Jesus

I- The ink in my words

E- Envisage

N- Navigate

C- Caring

E- Earnest

There are distractions including noises which can simply be heard in one’s back yard yet without absolute truth. Asking the question why? Is there some validity and if so, should the rest of the noise be drowned out! Some would say you are either for or against but what if I disagree with and stand in the middle on my truth! I once heard of a mother of someone famous asked for her preference and she replied none of the above. 

I rest my case, which brings me to the word resilience. It has been shown over decade and beyond that within my people there have been good role models so let’s spread it over the masses and never stop; never stop, having nothing to prove. 

Walking in peace and if needs be in silence, holding our heads high. As I walk with my head held high staring into the space in front I see where He has allowed me to have over two books under my belt.  Although it may have been said I could not and might have been due to the short coming of not seeing through His eyes. However, I keep walking!

He puts the ink in my pen and gives me the vision on which to write as I learn to navigate this world, He so cares about. Remaining earnest enough to pray for it.

By Kerri-Ann