Completed pre-nursing second highest then moved away for University. I came to my final year, having to re-sit my exam. In between the two courses I had gotten married, conceived and diagnosis with being dyslexic 2005. Now are these excuses for not passing that particular exam! Well I was frustrated. I moved back to my home town and got a job as a health care assistant at the hospital as bank or agency staff which meant at times working on a new ward; where alot of the times no one tells you anything or show you where things are kept. Whenever I complained my husband would re-assure me, how good I was at the job and so would say do your best. One particular day I went to a new ward again no one would show you where anything was or tell you. It felt like I had looked in almost all the cupboard until I found the one I was looking for with all the bed sheets etc. As I was packing the nurse’s trolley to assist the patient with their care I started to complain to myself and clarily within I heard the latter end of Psalms 100 verse 3 I think it is, “know that He is God and it is He who had made us and not we ourselves” but what stood out to me and surprised me in a small way was “it is He who hath made us and not we ourselves”. That shut me up for the day. Why I am typing this? As I laid on myside for a ten minutes nap I thought about the atmosphere and tensions, individuals upset or angry, frustrated and either side seems to be not listening to each other. My heart almost panic when it seems no one is listening to the point of peace. I also type to show an understanding of what it is like to be frustrated/disappointed but we should heed to the Word of God and at times ignore i.e turning the other cheek or giving your cloak.

By Kerri-Ann