Finding Your Strength

Finding one’s strength, how does one come about in finding their strength?

It was on Tuesday November 24th, 2020, I was feeling discouraged. Afterwards I saw that an article that I had written and was accepted, is going to be published in a British magazine for the Embassy. It made me feel a little better but not a hundred percent.

Although it has been a challenging year for everyone, I knew the reason I was sad, it was tied to a sense of how, I think I am perceived by others; partly to do with my growth in Christ meaning I know I have made mistakes.

On Wednesday I had my head bowed down on top of the counter then the scripture came up from within me “I will lift up mine eyes…My help cometh from the Lord found in Psalm 121. This led me to read the rest of it; I hadn’t read the bible for a few days. In addition to that, it caused me to ponder the entire chapter which in total has eight verses.

One truth that I think must be told is a quote from my younger sister “you are a beautiful lady”, this I know the Lord has made me into. All of what I have said has brought me to the realisation that I am better at writing articles and daily devotionals, although I have written a couple hardcopy books and a softcopy.

One last struggle was to do with whether or not I thought I was a good writer. Well, I have already answered this and it leads me to tell a very small piece of my mother’s story in this light, from a God perspective of Psalm 121.

Interject- The more I get older in age, the more I realise that there are very limited Cinderella’s stories as part of people’s day to day lives.    

Psalms 121 is my mother’s story (Jennifer), her mother died when she was around six to seven years of age. At one point in her childhood, she was very sickly that the extended family thought she would die but she lives to tell the tale. Afterwards my mother went to live with her aunt who was at times abusive towards her; despite this she enjoyed her childhood when spent with her brothers.  

One of the things my mother advised me on, was to be careful in not having my children change school too aften because she had that done to her and she knows what it is like and the effects it could have on a child for example having to adjust to a new environment and having to make new friends.

In my mother’s adult life there were other challenges but old ones were still there for example my mother is physically beautiful and an educated lady and some of her peers saw that as a threat but it did not stop her from exceeding in life. 

Jennifer went through domestic abuse and came out of it. She has managed to work for almost her entire adult life.

One other challenge I guess was being a mother and raising her children. I know my mother thought that she was giving, my older sister a better life living abroad with her father and the same for my brother when she allowed him to live with her father and stepmother; and at that time was told, it was the right thing to do, at the age of around 24.

My mother raised my younger sister and I, sharing with us what is in the bible. 

By Kerri-Ann