Intro- I wanted to write a piece on love that is clinical and pure but is it? No, so what is it? Here goes.

Love starts with a small grain in the ground. There are two elements that kicks in the growth, faith and trust. Another vital component is time that allows one to accommodate the roller coaster ride, a roller coaster rattle and shakes; you got to hold on tight.

However, there is a silver lining that should not be crossed less it becomes ugly. True love is not anger for long but will maintain its’ distance at times.

Receiving love, it will flourish and bear, to be displayed up high. It can stand on its’ own or place in a pot to hang high like a flower in a flower basket, to the sunray.

The sea rolls in and out of the shores but there is a boundary of love which stops it from rolling all the way into harm.

The seed of love must have been kept and kept through the rough conditions. One can image that seed through its rough time, in the boxing ring skipping around to fight like the boxer Muhammad Ali, waiting to launch its punches to the wind of foolish talk.

In the boxing ring it paces itself, throws a punch, gets punched, has its time out and in that moment watches to reflect and stands up again to throw the final blow; afterwards, stands in strength of victory.

The flower beams in its flower basket, basking in its sunray on a beautiful balcony.

By Kerri-Ann