It’s a cold day Friday 12, February 2021 and I am sat in the car knowing there is a need for what I am about to say. On the other hand I could ignore it but not going to. Why could I ignore it because it seems small and heart warming to me. I have attempted once before to acknowledge what may seem small, was it the right time, place (I was situated in) or not enough thought given to acknowledging what my Lord has done; may I add is still doing. When you know what He (God) has done for you, it is important to give thanks and often times we continue with life itself without stopping to acknowledge and give thanks and praise for such things. I am wearing my heart on my sleeves at this present time but I have to because regardless of what is happening around me, I just have to tell of what He has done, this is where gratitude is birth from.  My son was being bullied on the school bus, the sad thing at the time his older brother had joined in. My husband and myself did not really know what was taking place at that time. My son spoke with me saying he wants me to take him to school. My response was I will take you to school and back home if I get a job at your school. Last week Friday my hubby pointed out to me, our son wanted you to take him to school and you wanted a job at the school; you are working at the school and he got his heart desire. I must say the bullying was taken care of. What I have already shared did warm my heart to see God’s goodness and mercies which continues. Another God moment one of my children had virtual learning last week due to a child in his year tested positive for the virus; at the same time there was an outbreak of the virus in one section at my hubby’s place of work. Him being at home this week he escaped being in the office. My son also got the opportunity to do virtual at one of his classmate home twice this week.

By Kerri-Ann